Image Peace Day: what is it?
31.01 2020

Peace Day: what is it?

Peace day

The world we live in is characterized by conflicts and enmities among nations even though peace organizations and pacific individuals make efforts to build global peace. If we consider the countries which have been mostly ravaged by wars, Syria tops the list with 49,742 conflict-related fatalities. Iraq and Afghanistan are equally devastated by endless wars. In war-torn countries, human and material losses have been innumerable.

For this reason, the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat stated in his messages of peace that the world we live in is full of violence. That is why people are hungry for peace. In order to put an end to violence even for a short time in life, the United Nations created Peace day. But what is Peace Day? Keep reading the article and discover what peace day really is.

When is peace day celebrated?

The International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on September 21. It aims at acknowledging the hard work of organizations and leaders to build peace in the world. It is also a special day which is characterized by a ceasefire. Personal antagonists and political adversaries cease their wars on peace day. In other words, they lay their weapons down and refrain from any kind of violence and rivalry on the international day of peace.

How was peace day established?

Peace Day or International Day of Peace was created by the United Nations. A unanimous resolution in the United Nations led to the creation of peace day in 1981. The General Assembly proclaimed the day to honor and memorialize those who have greatly contributed to peace. Beside this, the day aims to reinforce the ideals of peace and inspire people to find peace internationally and locally.

How is peace day observed?

The international day of peace is celebrated by peace organizations and schools all over the world. To remember the day, students read stories about notable peace figures. Others act out the life story of renowned peace activists and share messages of peace from notable peace activists to each other. Some youngsters wear pieces jewelry to symbolize peace and commemorate the day.

Still, in other schools, students go on a parade in the city to promote peace to the inhabitants. In some regions, they celebrate peace day by giving food aid and second-hand clothing items to impoverished people. As for The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), its members celebrate the United Nations Peace Day by taking further initiatives to promote serenity in the world. The founder of the association believes in building world peace through peace education. We are the actors of world peace, according to him.

How was the International Day of Peace observed in conflicting countries?

In Syria, Peace Day was observed at the Umayyad Square in Damascus, Syria. Acrobatic performance took place at the Square along with other fun activities. In contrast, Peace Day was marked by a peace carnival which was attended by many people in the City of Baghdad, Iraq. The efforts made by peace activists in the country were also remembered through art, poetry and music. The purpose is to show to people how fascinating life is without violence.